776BC Motion Launch

776BC Motion Launch

Congratulations to Cameron and Kate McKenzie-McHarg on the launch of 776BC motion this morning.
I have had the privilege of knowing Cameron a two-time Olympian and Beijing Silver medallist for many years since our rowing days at the Victoria Institute of Sport.  It’s been very exciting watching his leading sports innovation company 776BC thrive over the past four years.
The launch this morning was a huge success, hosted at VIS by Nicole Livingston with guest speaker the Hon Philip Dalidakis minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.
The 776BC motion sportswear uses a set of visual anatomical markers allowing any athlete or coach to harness real-time biomechanical feedback anywhere, anytime. This simple technology allows athletes and coaches to easily assess any form of movement to allow for improved technique.
A quote that I like to use with patients is “It’s not about performing an exercise, but it’s a matter of performing the exercise with perfection” Stuart McGill. This is true for people at every level, 776BC motion enables the coach/athlete, practitioner/patient to easily asses how well the exercise is performed.
Well done to Cam and Kate on developing a marketing leading product.

The 776BC Story

At 776BC we work with the world’s best athletes to create a range of specialised performance kit that stands up to the toughest training programs, so you can go further on the track, road or water. As athletes, we know that the road to the ultimate stage is a long and gruelling path, which calls for grit, guts, focus and passion.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, two-time Olympian and Beijing Silver medalist, and Kate McKenzie-McHarg, 776BC is built for performance. Developed, tested and endorsed by elite athletes, each item in the 776BC range combines premium performance fabrics with true athlete insight, to deliver the kit you deserve, when you step out to deliver your winning performance.


Check out 776BC @ www.776bc.com/

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