Alter G – Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Alter G – Anti-Gravity Treadmill

At SYSSM we understand that some obstacles are going to be harder to face than others. It is our goal to source the best resources that have the ability to empower, support and encourage the results that you have envisioned. It is through this technology that we can assist you on your way to your goals.

With this is mind, we are excited to announce that over the coming weeks, we will be welcoming and Alter G® Anit-Gravity Treadmill® into our studio. With this technology we are able to support any of those in the community that require that extra support when it comes to movement.

This ground breaking technology utilises unique differential air pressure technology which allows comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy while also encouraging normal gait patterns. Through this technology you are able to reduce the weight that you support to encourage a safe and controlled running environment.

If you have experienced an ACL injury, reconstruction, a tear or fracture, then the Alter G® Anit-Gravity Treadmill®. To find out more visit:

For enquires please email: [email protected]