In our clinical exercise classes, our practitioners will work with you to tailor exercises to your individual needs. During these sessions, we will ensure that you reach your health and fitness goals in the safest and most effective way.


Step 1 – One on One Assessment

Before beginning with the group classes, our physiotherapists will meet you for an initial
assessment to learn more about you and your goals. This will enable them to establish any
areas of injury or weakness in order to ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

Step 2 – One on One Exercise Session

Following your comprehensive initial assessment, your practitioner will provide you with an
explanation and education on your individually tailored exercises. This session will allow you
to become familiar with your exercise program for your practitioner to address any pain or
movement based issues.

Step 3 – One on One Assessment

Once you have a thorough understanding of your exercises, you will be introduced to the
group classes. Each class has a maximum of four people to ensure that each participant
receives optimal supervision for correct technique at all times. Your practitioner will review
your program after 10 sessions to monitor your progress and set new goals.


 Increased efficiency and functionality of body movements
 Improved posture and balance
 Advanced and targeted injury rehabilitation
 Increased strength, flexibility and coordination

Our practitioners work together to provide you with a holistic approach to your health and
wellbeing. Group classes are a great addition to other services offered at SYSSM, so if you
have any questions about these services, please don’t hesitate to ask your practitioner or the
team at front desk.


Individualised exercise programs are a collaboration between your referring practitioner and the class lead. All programs are tailored to suit the requirements and needs of the individual.


A 1-4 therapist to patient ratio is designed to help ensure you get the individual attention you deserve. It’s important that all exercises are done properly to reduce injury risk and to help you achieve your goals.



We offer single or bulk group packages with Strength & Conditioning classes claimable on your private health benefits.  Classes are operated out of SYSSM’s  fully-equipped, onsite boutique gym.


Who are the classes for?

Who are the classes for?

The group exercise classes are designed for anyone who is undertaking rehabilitation from injury, or is looking to enhance their performance in sport or everyday life.
Our stretching and mobility classes are designed for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility or movement.

What is involved?

Both classes will be taken by a practitioner from South Yarra Spine and Sports Medicine, and will be capped at a maximum of four participants, allowing for individualised guidance and support. The classes will run for 45 minutes, in our South Yarra clinic.

Are they claimable?

Our group exercises classes are claimable under physiotherapy group classes, if your health fund allows you to claim for this type of service. You can check this by calling your health fund.
Our stretching and mobility classes are not claimable via private health.

How do I make a booking?

You can call our friendly Front Desk team on 9826 2122 to book into these classes. If you enjoy the classes and wish to continue, you can rebook at the end of class at our desk.
As the classes are capped at four participants, we encourage you to book sessions in for a few weeks in advance, to ensure you can get into the class that suits you.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to participate in either of our group classes.
In the case of the group exercise classes, prior to your first class you will undertake an assessment with our class lead, who will chat to you about your goals in the class, perform assessment and create your exercise program.





What do I wear?

Comfortable gym clothing is adequate for both classes.



Kristina Kluz


Kristina believes keeping fit and maintaining appropriate training is crucial to ongoing heath and fitness, along with a multidisciplinary team approach for optimal outcomes. Over Kristina’s career she has worked in a variety of settings, initially working across private and public hospitals, before transitioning to private practice and sports physio. Kristina then took her physiotherapy work overseas where she worked at a number of physio clinics in ski resorts based in Japan and Austria, specialising in winter snow-sports injuries.



Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122 | [email protected]


Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122 | [email protected]

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