Crossfitters...What shoes do I wear?

Crossfitters…What shoes do I wear?

Crossfitters…What shoes do I wear?


As a cross-fit athlete and a physiotherapist I often get asked “what shoes should I wear for the workout (WOD)?’’

The answer depends on the movements featured in the WOD. I hope to give you a few scenarios of WOD examples to best answer this question and help you pack the right shoe in your gym bag.


WOD 1 – Running; +/- gymnastics; +/- body weight movement = RUNNING SHOES

e.g. Hero WOD Rene: running, lunges, pull-ups burpees.

There is no lifting, but a lot of running. Running shoes adequate for the body weight movements.



WOD 2 – Running; lifting; +/- gymnastics; +/- body weight movement = NANOs

e.g. Running, snatch, clean, pull-ups, body weight squats, burpees.

There is lifting, therefore I would suggest a shoe with more stability however light and flexible to enable a run of 100m-400m at a time.




WOD 3 – Lifting; +/-gymnastics; +/- body weight movement = METCONs

E.g. clean, wall balls, box jumps, pull ups

Lifting (NO RUNNING) as they provide great stability for lifting when you cannot wear lifting shoes.


Please keep in mind I am not a shoe expert; I am combining my personal experience of cross-fit with professional knowledge.

This is best case scenario, please don’t think you should rush out there and buy 3 pairs of shoes. I realise not everyone has the capacity to do so, however most athletes I know have 1-2 pairs so hopefully this will help choose between them both.


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SYSSM Physiotherapist

Kylie is a New Zealand trained physiotherapist, with extensive experience in sports injuries, orthopaedic rehabilitation, manual therapy and dry needling. She also holds an addition Postgraduate Certificate and Masters in Physiotherapy.