Master of Dietetics, Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science

– Master of Dietetics
– Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science
– ISAK accredited level one Anthropometrist

– Endurance sports including marathon and trail running, triathlon, ironman, cycling events
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the low FODMAP diet, including exercise induced gut issues or “runners gut”
– Intuitive eating and mindfulness
– Diabetes

– Dietitians Association of Australia
– Sports Dietitians Australia

Emily is an experienced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and sports dietitian who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their sporting performance, health and wellness goals. Emily has a special interest in fuelling for endurance events including distance running, cycling, short and long course triathlon and ultra-endurance events.

As a marathon runner and past triathlon competitor herself, Emily has experienced first-hand many issues that endurance athletes face, in addition to learning from her own nutrition/training mistakes along the way.
Emily also specialises in gut health, especially IBS and the low FODMAP diet. She is passionate about ensuring her clients are supported at all stages of investigation and receive personalised advice while being guided through an elimination-style diet (if appropriate).

The focus of Emily’s work is performance and wellness, rather than weight and body composition. However, body composition assessments (skin fold measurements) are available on request if appropriate.

An initial appointment with Emily will consist of a thorough assessment diet and lifestyle, including any medical concerns, training history, current training program, stress, energy levels, sleep, lifestyle, eating behaviours, food likes and dislikes and meal patterns. A tailored nutrition plan will then be created based on this conversation. This may include a plan to further investigate eating behaviours and hunger awareness, a personalised meal plan, creating flexible dietary goals, nutrition education or prescribing an elimination or low FODMAP diet. Blood tests may also be requested if required.

In her spare time Emily loves creating balanced and delicious recipes, running, rock climbing and playing tennis. You can find all of Emily’s healthy and delicious recipes on her website www.melbournenutrition.com.au.


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Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


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