Home Gym Program

Home Gym Program

Home Gym Program

Home Gym Program

You’ve got household objects; you’ve got a gym

With all gyms, indoor and outdoor, now being closed it is hard to know how to get a workout in. There are many ways to illicit a similar response through alternative means. This can be done in a variety of ways. To get a similar metabolic output, you will have to increase the sets and repetitions.

Here are some examples:

Gym exercises

Bodyweight exercises

Barbell squat 4 x 8, 70-80% 1 RM

Squat 3 x 20

Bench press 4 x 5, 75-85% 1 RM

Floor press 4 x 12, 5-10kg object, and/or Push ups 4 x 15

Cable row 3 x 10, 70-80% 1 RM

Theraband row 3 x 15 or Bent over rows 4 x 12 5-10kg object

Hip thruster 3 x 6, 75-85% 1 RM

Elevated gluteal bridges 4 x 20

Arms (biceps / triceps) 4 x 8, 70-80% 1 RM

Same movement replace with house hold objects of 2-5kg, 3 x 15

Shoulder press 3 x 8, 70-80% 1 RM

When looking at what you have around the house consider the following – The key is to be creative and think of what you have to use around you. As long as you are to safely and comfortably hold the object, you can use it for a work out.:

Bench – bed / couch / floor

Dumbbells – cans / jars / plastic bottles filled with water / bags of rice/flour/sugar

Medicine balls –  bags of rice/flour/sugar

Steps – step ups

Bosu ball – pillows / cushions

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like further information please don’t hesitate in contacting me on 9826 2122 or via email at [email protected]

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Nicholas holds accreditations in both Exercise Physiology and Remedial Massage, and is passionate about the combination of the two disciplines, to develop a holistic approach to musculoskeletal concerns, enabling his patients to achieve a functionally strong and healthy body.