All joint and muscle injuries – acute and chronic, Exercise-induced breathing issues, Iron deficiency, Lethargy, Recurrent infections, Female issues – menstrual, weight, pregnancy, bone density, Weight issues, Tendinopathies, Swimmers, Track and field athletes, Triathletes. Cyclists, Endurance athletes – iron man, ultra-endurance running, cycling, swimming, Rowers, All ball sports – basketball, football, rugby, soccer, netball, tennis, hockey etc.

Dr. Karen Holzer is an extremely experienced, accredited and well known Sports Physician, who holds both a PhD and a post-Doctorate in exercise-induced asthma and breathing difficulties. Her passion in this area stems from a desire to help individuals, at whatever level they may be at, achieve their own personal goals and aspirations.

Her research in this area has led to her playing a major role in the preparation and management of the Australian Olympic team for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as well as working as a team doctor for a variety of sports at the domestic, state, national and international levels.

Karen has extensive experience in treating exercise-induced breathing issues, iron deficiency, lethargy, recurrent infections, and tendinopathies. Her special areas of interest lie in both the medical and musculoskeletal care of endurance athletes and swimmers. Furthermore, as an extension of Karen’s extensive work in cardiorespiratory performance in athletes, she has a special interest in altitude training and its impact on performance.

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