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Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Endurance, Mental health, Sleep Patterns

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Kirsty has a corporate background, but became a Personal Trainer in 2010 when she realised how important health and fitness were to her. She understands that most of her clients are trying to make exercise a part of their life, and not have it take over their entire existence. With this in mind, she offers flexible training programs that deliver results, regardless of the starting baseline.

She believes any health or fitness adventure should work long-term, so strives to design programs people can maintain well after the excitement of beginning has faded. Kirsty works closely with clients developing goals, plans and strategies to give them the best chance of success beyond the walls of the gym.

Although she loves traditional weight training, Kirsty was introduced to ZUU at a health retreat and was instantly hooked on the animal-movement-inspired bodyweight training style. She is now qualified as a ZUU coach and incorporates the techniques into her training sessions to get greater and faster improvements in strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance for her clients.

The research on the positive effects exercise has on mental health and general wellbeing is growing by the day. Kirsty has a special interest in these areas; having seen time and time again the benefits training can have not only on the body, but improving mood, sleep patterns and energy levels.

Helping her to relate to the many demands on her clients’ lives, Kirsty also has a number of interests that keep her busy. Along with running her own Personal Training business, she also writes and has published children’s books and keeps a lifestyle and biohacking blog


Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122 | [email protected]


Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122  [email protected]

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