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Are you struggling with an ACL injury? Do you need a knee rehabilitation or injury prevention program? We can help.

We provide biomechanical testing services and access to state of the art Isokinetic testing in Melbourne. We work with researchers at Swinburne University, who are leading experts in ACL rehabilitation, pain management and prevention.

Our goal is to help people with knee injuries get back on their feet faster than ever before.

You deserve better treatment for your injury. With our Isokinetic biomechanical testing service, we can significantly reduce the risk of a knee injury by providing personalized rehab plans based on your specific needs and goals. And if you do happen to injure yourself again, we’ll be there every step of the way with support from our team of experts!

Let us help you to keep moving for life.

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We support you through your entire health journey.

Access the support you need in one place from our highly qualified team of practitioners. We are committed to helping keep you pain-free and injury-free, so you can keep moving for life.

You will have access to highly qualified practitioners including –  Chiropractors, Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Dietitian, Massage Therapist, Podiatrist, Personal Trainers, Exercise Therapy Specialists and Sports Acupuncture.

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