Looking After Your Feet

Looking After Your Feet whilst at Home

Looking After Your Feet whilst at Home

Looking After Your Feet whilst at Home

With the current climate it can be easy to forget about your feet but it’s vital to keep them in good condition. Small cracks and sores can easily develop into bigger problems if left untreated.

Your nails
It’s really important to keep your nails an appropriate length and clean and healthy. I recommend bathing your feet in warm water every 2 weeks and then giving them a trim. Make sure to go straight across (not in the corners) and not too short. Use proper nail clippers if you have them.

Your skin
Moisturise your feet daily to keep the skin healthy and well hydrated. Creams with Urea and Vitamin E tend to be the best for this. Don’t forget to get under the heels and dry any cream from between the toes.

Use a foot file or pumice stone to tackle any hard skin or cracks. Don’t overdo it! It’s better to take a little off regularly than lots in one go.

Try to wear footwear when moving around the house. If wearing slippers, ensure they are comfortable and secure on the feet. Walking barefoot can be risky in terms of treading on things or picking up nasties from the surrounding environment.

If are working from home try to get a little activity every 30 minutes or so, even if it’s just doing a lap of the house! I recommend setting a timer to remind you. Try to elevate the feet when sitting to help with circulation and prevent swollen ankles.


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