Low Back Pain – A combined Approach:

Low Back Pain – A combined Approach:

Low Back Pain – A combined Approach:


Low Back Pain – A combined Approach:

Chiropractor Dr Rohan Kapoor

After Headaches and Chronic Fatigue, Low Back Pain is the most reported complaint with over 80% of the population at some point in their lifetime, reporting symptoms of Low Back Pain (Hidelgo, et al. 2014).  With such a high prevalence, it is interesting to note that for only approximately 15% of the population a direct diagnosis can be made (O’Sullivan).  This suggests that for the remaining 85% there is not definitive diagnosis leading most people to be diagnosed with non-specific low back pain.

In cases of acute low back pain, up to 25% of people who have continuing pain longer than 6 weeks duration, are at risk of developing Chronic low back pain and disability.  A recent literature review conducted in 2014 by Hidelgo et al., looked at different types of interventions for those people suffering from chronic low back pain and found that manipulative therapy along with mobilisation, combined with a targeted exercise program showed Moderate to Strong evidence for reducing pain, improving function and overall health.

Chiropractors Dr Luke Nichols & Dr Rohan Kapoor have created a 12 staged foundational spinal strengthening (FSS) program based on current evidence.  FSS teaches correct foundational spinal movement patterns; helps to restore the true balance of spinal mobility, and works towards spinal stability, endurance and strength.  We know that there are a number of factors that help to create a healthy functioning body and spine – from a musculoskeletal stand point these including mobility, strength, balance and endurance.  People participating in the FSS will be coached through the program to help develop all of these musculoskeletal markers.

For Chronic LBP sufferers, having a combination of hands on care and a specific targeted program to follow can lead to better outcomes, help people get back to daily activities with confidence and also help to prevent further bouts of LBP in the future.

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Dr. Kapoor is graduate of a Chiropractic degree from Murdoch University in Western Australia, and also holds a Bachelor in Human Movement.

Rohan has a keen interest in sports science, completing a sports science internship at the Victorian Institute of Sport. He is currently an Exercise Rehabilitation / Strength & Conditioning coach at Hawthorn Football Club.