South Yarra Massage

Massage South Yarra

Are you looking to get a massage in South Yarra?

Perfect. You’ve come to the right place.

Here at South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine we offer an array of different massage options. We provide sports massage, relaxation massage, sports acupunture and remedial massage to ensure that no matter what you require, we can provide it to you.

Have a big sporting event you’re preparing for?

Our Sports Massage Therapist based in South Yarra provides pre competition massage to prepare any athlete for intense activity and is designed to help stimulate your blood flow, invigorate your muscles and energise your body.

Our sports masseur can then focus on a vigorous treatment on the superficial muscles following competition to help you clear out any metabolic waste products that may have accumulated during your exercise, and is aimed to release tension on the working muscles. The sports massage will enable early, more effective recovery and therefore decrease your risk of injury, which may be caused by muscle stiffness.

In need of a relaxation massage?

We’ve got you covered. Our relaxation massage is designed to help you unwind the body and de-stress the mind. It is a gentle and flowing massage that is performed in a quiet room with relaxing music and can target your entire body.

Do you have a sore spot you need to work on?

Our remedial massage therapists based in South Yarra are trained to provide you with a soft tissue therapy technique aimed to restore your body to equilibrium. It will help to reduce/eliminate pain and restore strength that can be caused by incorrect posture or injury.

If you would like to get a massage in South Yarra, then we would love to see you in our centre.