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Are you struggling with injuries, technique or endurance? Our performance clinic aims to help get you to your goals faster.

We have developed a unique performance program that helps get you to your peak faster. We assess the three fundamental aspects of performance, the maximum capacity of oxygen you can take in, lactate levels and the strength and conditioning of your body.

Maximum Oxygen Capacity

To give it a more technical name V02 max, also known as aerobic capacity is the measurement of the body’s ability to transport and utilise oxygen during incremental exercise. 

This is done by running on a treadmill for a period of time at different speeds while measuring your heart rate and breathing levels. From this data, we can determine your VO2 max. This is important because it helps provide an indication of your- endurance, fatigue levels and energy systems use during exercise.

Lactate Testing

Lactate actually has a role to do with your performance too. It plays a big part in endurance sports and shaping your training appropriately.

If your lactate is low throughout the duration of running, it indicates that you have trained at the right intensity levels. The opposite is true if lactate is high throughout and indicates that your training intensity levels are too little.

Strength and Conditioning

Power output measures the strength and conditioning of the body by testing your (where relevant)- power to weight ratio, power to bodyweight, maximal power output and maximal speed under load. 

We combine our findings to give you a unique performance training and improvement program. 

Let us help you to keep moving for life.

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