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Bike fitting is a service where our physio, Sarah, will discuss any issues you may be having during cycling, your goals, and prior history, and assess your posture and position on the bike.

She will then adjust your bike in order for it to fit you more comfortably. This won’t only reduce pain and reduce the risk of further injury, it also will assist in becoming more efficient and put your body in the best position you use your muscles more effectively. She will also discuss changes to your posture and technique which will help with your cycling, and make suggestions of mobility or strength exercises that will benefit your posture and technique on the bike. 

Sarah completed her bike fitting training in 2017 and has been performing fits in the clinic since. She also fits the bikes of many athletes at Hawthorn Triathlon Club and several other clubs. Sarah, herself is an amateur triathlete and spends many hours every week on her bike. 

Sarah’s bike fitting style particularly is aimed at cyclists who are experiencing pain or discomfort when riding, however, a fit is advised for anyone who has just purchased a new bike in order to ensure maximum comfort and performance. She has experience fitting all types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, time-trial bikes, and touring bikes. 

The Session

If you have been seeing a practitioner here for an issue relating to your cycling, bike fit appointments will be 45 minutes. For new clients or clients with a different issue to one they have attended the clinic for previously, bike fit appointments will be 75 minutes long. Please bring along your bike, wear whatever shorts/pants and shoes you cycle in. Please also bring any parts which you may have taken off your bike if it has been adjusted previously. 

Bike fits at SYSSM are also able to be claimed on private health insurance.

    Sarah Treloar
    Sarah Treloar

    BSc (Physiotherapy), Grad Cert Sports Physio, Master Sports Physio, APA Titled Sport & Exercise Physio, ASCA L1 S&C Coach.

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