66fit Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bar


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Fitness is always in easy reach with the 66fit Aerobic Bar!

The 66fit Aerobic Weighted Bar was designed in response to requests from our customers for a bar that was slightly heavier than those currently available on the fitness market. Thus we produced a weighted bar which is available in four incremental weights ranging from 5kg to 8kg.

Our bars are widely used for core, strength and functional training programmes, cardio and step workouts. Use them individually at home or in a gym or class environment as part of group physical therapy, Pilates, yoga or aerobics.

The 66fit weighted aerobic bars add stability and variability to exercises you’re already performing at home.

But even more exciting is the unique ability to perform dual-side combination moves
not possible with dumbbells or kettle bells.

Get Creative!

Great ideas using the 66fit Weighted Aerobic bars:
• Standing Ab/Torso twists
• Add weight safely to sit-ups and combine with ab twists
• Complete raises during a cardio or pilates workout
• Grip under legs during ab crunches
• Combination moves, such as sit-ups to twist, or dead lifts to twist, etc
• Seated and standing rowing simulation

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6kg, 7kg, 8kg