66fit Aqua Flotation Jogging Belt – Adult




Adds Another Dimension to your Aqua Workout

The 66fit Adult Aqua Floatation Belt means that you can enjoy the benefits of water based therapy with confidence as part of your rehabilitation treatment programme. Our Aqua Jogging Belt provides full lumbar support in the water and has been specifically designed to be used for non-weight bearing aqua aerobic exercises, helping to reduce stress and minimise impact on the joints.


Designed for adult only use, ideal for anyone requiring rehabilitation treatment in a hydrotherapy or swimming pool.
Designed for non-weight bearing aqua based exercises.
Helps to reduce stress and impact on the joints. Provides full lumbar support.
Comfortable to wear. Easily Adjustable. Features quick release buckle.
Suitable for adult use only (70 to 100kg). Max girth measurement 145cm.