66fit Contoured Swimming Pull Buoy Float



Float your way to fitness with the 66fit Contoured Swimming Pull Training Float!

The 66fit Contoured Swimming Buoy Float has been designed to provide buoyancy in the water to allow the lower body to stay afloat whilst you concentrate on your upper body technique. Simply place the float between your legs whilst swimming and the unique ergonomic design means that it will remain in place for the duration of your training session. Constructed from lightweight EVA Foam, our swim pull training aid is both easy and comfortable to wear.

The 66fit Contoured Swimming Pull Buoy Float is a swimming training aid designed to stay in place whilst training in the pool.
Can help increase upper body strength and improve technique
Manufactured from durable EVA Foam. Unique three-tier design.
Ergonomic contoured shape. Lightweight. Extremely portable.
Suitable for senior swimmers

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Category: Swimming Aids

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