66fit Wooden Balance Board – PVC Surface




Use the 66fit Wooden Balance Board for a speedy recovery and return to sport.

Using the 66fit 40cm Wooden Wobble Board post injury will allow you to regain and retrain your sense of balance (proprioception) and coordination and help strengthen weakened muscles to accelerate your recovery so that you can return to the sport that you love quickly and safely. The 66fit 40cm board has an acute 16 degree angle tilt and small sized wooden ball at the base making it a difficult and challenging piece of rehabilitation/ exercise equipment. With this in mind the 40cm size Wooden Balance Board is recommended for intermediate to professional use only.

– The 66fit 40cm Wooden Balance Board is designed to help regain your sense of balance and coordination post-injury to ensure a speedy recovery and return to sport.
– Use the 66fit 40cm Wobble Board for rehabilitation purposes as well as to work on core strength, balance and upper and lower body strength once recovered.
– Solid sturdy wooden board with non-slip PVC surface. Wipe clean.
– The 40cm Balance Board has a 16 degree tilt angle making it a challenging piece of rehabilitation and exercise equipment best suited for intermediate to professional use.
– Suitable for use at home, in physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation environments or simply at the gym
– Includes free downloadable balance training ebook with exercise videos available from the manufacturer’s website

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