Able Spine




Say goodbye to back pain for good
Improve your posture and mobility with ease
Relax, realign and recover safely

Endorsed by Healthcare professionals
Carefully designed to best accommodate the natural human anatomy.
ablespine’s unique design is safer than a foam roller, better for your back, and meticulously designed with the most up-to-date scientific research. Simply lay back and allow your body to relax, realign, and recover safely.

Head Support
When you lay back on the ablespine, the head support provides a stable platform for your head and neck. This prevents any minor strains or injuries that can come from stretching incorrectly.

Longitudinal Channel
The ablespine’s longitudinal channel prevents direct pressure on your spine, safely guiding it into the groove of the ablespine.

Elevated Nodules
The four elevated nodules stretch and mobilise the tight areas of your back so you can achieve better posture and alignment. This will help you to achieve improved back health and reduced joint pain.