Recover Rebuild Run Seminar

Recover Rebuild Run Seminar

Last Wednesday evening the humble South Yarra based clinic filled with avid runners of all skill levels looking to share experiences and learn from experts. The night began after the crowd shuffled into the intimate floor space welcomed by the principal chiropractor and director of SYSSM, Luke Nichols. Luke introduced us to the Recover Rebuild Run seminar and the charity it was supporting, Hands on India.


Our first speaker was the clinic’s sports dietician, Katherine Shone, who talked about the importance of a calculated and consistent diet, particularly for runners. Her engaging presentation helped shine a light on areas such as hydration and energy using real world examples. One example that comes to my mind is the amount of sweat we exert which is often taken for granted. Katherine helped put the whole case into perspective, holding two big bottles of water and comparing it to the amount of sweat produced by a client in a two hour run.

The evening continued with sports physician, Karen Holzer, who presented an informative talk on running related injuries. The crowd listened intently as Karen went into detail about common injuries such as ITB Friction Syndrome, shin splints and stress fractures among others.

The crowd then got an opportunity to interact with specialists throughout the clinic, splitting into groups to participate in presentations and workshops. Massage therapist, Richard Squires, led a group to explain the importance of stretching and remedial massage before and after running. As an avid runner himself, Richard shared techniques and exercises that he found helpful to the group.


Off to the side physiotherapist and physiologists, Kylie Takarangi and Cass Smith talked to groups about a set of stretches they compiled to help stability, mobility and activation. They elaborated on the stretches presented in the information pamphlet as the group joined in.


Meanwhile the clinic’s podiatrist, John Charles, led a small presentation on feet and footwear and how they have a major impact in running. A group of helpers from sponsors The Running Company and Mizuno gave groups an opportunity to test their products going into detail about their benefits.


The final group found themselves in the state of the art 3D Motion Analysis room, where Dr Steve Hewitt and Dr Oren Tirosh explained the functions of 3D gait analysis and how it assisted runners in rehabilitation. The passion Steve and Oren had for movement and all the aspects that encompasses it was inspiring, and it seemed that inspiration was a key theme as we were also introduced to athlete performance technician and professional athlete, Craig Huffer.

Craig shared his story which involved the highs of training alongside Olympic athletes and coaches in the states. The positives started to deteriorate and after countless injuries Craig started to heavily consider his future. Retiring from professional running was at the back of Craig’s mind before he returned home and linked up with guys from SYSSM. Steve and Oren worked with Craig and used 3D motion technology to help him rehabilitate more efficiently and return stronger and better than before.


Once the interactive workshops winded down the crowd were left to mingle with the clinic’s practitioners, representatives from sponsors such as Hexoskin and other runners. Overall it was a wonderful event which left everyone with a smile on their face, new helpful information to improve their running and some goodies from sponsors IsoWhey and Chobani. SYSSM is a clinic that provides a curated multidisciplinary approach to help people to achieve their goals while enriching their lives. I am looking forward to catching up with team in another seminar soon.