Hip Hingeing and Lower Back Pain Reduction

Reduce Lower Back Pain With Hip Hingeing

Reduce Lower Back Pain With Hip Hingeing


The Importance of Hip Hingeing and Lower Back Pain Reduction.

Chiropractor Dr Rohan Kapoor

We all here to protect your back you must “Bend from the Knees”. Well is this true? And is there a better way to bend and pick things up from the floor without stressing the joints of your lower back and pelvis… not to mention the knee and ankle joints? That’s where a hip hinge comes in…

A hip hinge is a term that is given to a movement that uses the maximal range of motion achieved through a hip bend rather than knee bend. Yes that’s correct! Minimal knee bend and increased bend through the hip whilst reloading the spinal joints.

A very common phrase that a practitioner hears on a daily basis is “I just bent over to pick up something light and my back went”. This is usually due to the fact that the person may have bent forward with no movement though the hips and all movement initiated through the lower back.

The hip hinge is a movement that allows us to bend forward by shifting the stress to the muscles of the pelvis and lower limbs, whilst sparing the joints in that area. It is a good movement to train for not only being able to execute safe technique in the gym, but to also be able to do activities of daily living such as vacuuming, picking up children, picking up a golf ball after a hole in one, and picking up objects off the floor to name a few. Furthermore, for athletes the correct hip hinge technique can increase rate of force production making them more powerful in their chosen sport.

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Here are some tips to practice Hip Hingeing:

  1. Keep your weight on your heels – this engages the muscles of your posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings)
  2. As you bend forward minimise knee bend. Knees stay behind the toes.
  3. Keep your chest up to help prevent rounding of the lower back
  4. Press your feet into the ground as you stand up and push your hips forward.

There are several progressions to learning how to hip hinge properly. If you find that you suffer from low back pain then getting a guided and progressive program to learn this movement is recommended.

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Dr. Kapoor is graduate of a Chiropractic degree from Murdoch University in Western Australia, and also holds a Bachelor in Human Movement.

Rohan has a keen interest in sports science, completing a sports science internship at the Victorian Institute of Sport. He is currently an Exercise Rehabilitation / Strength & Conditioning coach at Hawthorn Football Club.