8 Week Challenge: June 4th to July 30th

Embrace wellness this winter for just $50

All profits go to charity. 

“First 100 people to sign up receive a gift bag”






Your journey to better health this winter starts now, be supported by our team of expert practitioners though this online and onsite program.

We will assess your health and provide you with a detailed health report including a unique personal health score.

Your two key health priorities will be identified through this assessment and your winter challenge will be set.

Your focus will be to improve your health score this winter.

We will support you every step of the way and motivate you to keep well.

Get your friends and workplace together and sign up now.

Eat Well, Move Well & Think Well

Our program led by experienced health professional’s deals with facts to drive real change.

Every week you will be provided with some amazing healthy recipes inspiring you to eat well.

You will also be given your exercise program targeting your level of fitness to complete at anytime in your desired location.

We will inspire you to think well and help keep you accountable to stay on track over the challenge.

Don’t be the one to get sick this winter.

Embrace wellness this Winter


Share this journey with your friends and your workplace

Keep each other accountable by doing it together.

The weekly group fitness class allows you to meet the winter challenge community and stay on track.

Together we are supporting some amazing charities.

All profits made given to charity

“The first 100 people to sign up for our Winter Wellness Challenge will also receive a gift bag! This will contain exercise aids such as heat packs, trigger point balls, exercise bands, health food samples, vouchers and other goodies!”



“In 2018, South Yarra Spine and Sports Medicine has begun to partner with MCC Hockey, with our practitioners delivering on-site assessments and support to the players. As part of this partnership, for those who elect to do so, we will be giving part of our proceed from this challenge to MCC Hockey. This is only for those participants who elect for this to occur, and will not impact on any other participant. 

For those participants who wish to grant part of their sign-up
fee to MCC Hockey, they may choose to give either a portion of their sign-up fee, or the entirety of their sign-up fee, to MCC Hockey”.


Can Corporate /Companies  Sign Up?

We absolutely encourage group sign-ups, in particular work groups!!
If your workplace signs up to the Winter Wellness Challenge, alongside all of the already included aspects of the program, your company will also receive a company-wide report, detailing the health levels of the company (without any personal information) and areas that the company can assist you in improving.
Additionally, your workplace will receive a motivational health and wellness presentation by South Yarra Spine and Sports Medicine director, Dr. Luke Nichols. This presentation will be at no charge to the clinic – we only ask that you donate however much you think the presentation was worth, as an additional donation to one of our deserving charities!

Why a Winter Challenge?

South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine – is a unique multidisciplinary clinic in which our team of practitioners work together to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. In the cold months of Melbourne it’s easy to stay indoors and let our exercise fall off the radar and our eating to increase as we choose more comfort foods. This winter out team practitioners are working together to help you stay on track providing you with the support, motivation and resources. What’s so good about this challenge is we are supporting some amazing charity’s who do such great work improving the health and wellbeing of these who don’t have these opportunities.

·         What do I get?
The winter wellness challenge provides extraordinary value and supports some amazing charities, when you sign up you will receive…

A unique online lifestyle health assessment (15 mins to complete). You will then be provided with a comprehensive personal health report containing a health profile score and guidance on key areas you need to focus on this winter. You will then select two key goals (“your challenge”) to work on over the eight weeks. To support you over the winter challenge the SYSSM team of practitioners will provide you with practical resources. You will have access to weekly group fitness session, you will be provided with a exercise program for you to complete at home or at your gym (as per your preference) written by our practitioners, delicious healthy nutritional recipes designed by our team, and weekly motivational messages from our SYSSM team. For those wishing to begin a running program or take their running to a new level you will also have opportunity to receive a running program from our running coach. At the end of the 8 weeks you will then complete another lifestyle health assessment and be provided with comprehensive health report detailing the progress you have made over the eight weeks!

In addition, the first 100 people to sign up will receive a goodie bag, full of exercise aids, healthy foods, and other goodies!

·         Do I have to be fit to participate?

No! The Winter Wellness Challenge will cater to ALL levels of health and fitness, and you need absolutely no prior knowledge or level of fitness to participate.

·         Do I need to live in South Yarra?
This challenge is not just restricted to those that live in the area, because there is no need to come into the clinic AT ALL during the challenge. All of our communication will be provided via email, and the exercise programs that we prescribe can all be done from the comfort of your own home, or a gym if you have access to one.
The only on-site element of the challenge are our optional weekly fitness classes, which will be run by one of our practitioners in the South Yarra area, however there are no obligations to attend these sessions – and the challenge is fantastic value, even without it!

·         How will I be contacted?
You will have access to all the content (exercise and  nutrition programs) online. All of our communication will happen via email. Weekly you will receive your nutritional guidelines, as well as your exercise prescriptions, and motivation content.

·         Where is my money going?
All of the proceeds from this challenge will go to the charity of your choosing – we are sponsoring The Road to Gulu, OnePlate, and HeartKids Victoria.


Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122 | [email protected]


Level 1, 56 Claremont St, South Yarra


03 9826 2122 | [email protected]

Let us help you start your journey to optimal health and wellbeing