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Our chiropractors are focused on keeping active Australians pain-free and injury-free.  We’ll keep you moving for life.

You can’t enjoy life to the fullest if you’re in pain. SYSSM Chiropractors are here for your everyday back and neck related aches, sciatica symptoms, sprains/strain injuries and sports-related issues! Our therapists have a focus on keeping active Australians at their best by helping them stay injury-free so they can keep moving throughout life without limitations. 

Our Chiropractors focus on diagnosing and preventing musculoskeletal conditions that impact your wellbeing. Whether you’re an athlete, someone with chronic pain or you need an adjustment, we can help.

You deserve the best possible outcome. That’s why we have re-assessment and goal-setting sessions. Together, we can make sure your progress is on the right track as well as provide hands-on treatment. 

We provide exercise advice and home injury management education during our appointments, helping prevent injuries from occurring again long term!

Let us help you to keep moving for life.


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We support you through your entire health journey.

The South Yarra Spine & Sport Medicine chiropractic team – offering soft tissue and trigger point therapy or manual adjustments with low force techniques such as activator drop piece and biomechanical blocks.

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One body, keep moving for life.