South Yarra Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists are focused on keeping active Australians pain-free and injury-free.  We’ll keep you moving for life.

If you are injured or have any pain or discomfort, SYSSM’s physiotherapists are the first stop. We specialize in pre-surgery rehabilitation and sports injury rehabilitation for knees, hips, TMJ issues and more- including musculoskeletal injuries like sprains, strains, contusions. 

Physiotherapists diagnose and treat using various techniques to help you get back on track with your sporting endeavours and/or functional goals. Physiotherapy treatment utilises a wide variety of techniques including mobilisation, soft tissue release, dry needling, stretching, proprioceptive training, functional rehabilitation, exercise technique analysis )such as running gait, weight lifting technique, golf swing etc).

Our Physiotherapists have a focus on keeping active Australians at their best by keeping them pain-free and injury-free. Our goal is to help you keep moving for life.

Our goal is to combine all aspects of rehabilitation to treat your injury and prevent re-occurrence and empower you with the tools to self-manage any minor symptoms that may present.

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One body, keep moving for life.