Run Programming

At SYSSM, we aim to provide an appreciation and deeper understanding of the way you run and train – that’s why we developed our Clinical Run Assessment.

What does the running program provide me?

To begin, you must book an initial Run Program appointment held online via Telehealth or at SYSSM. At this appointment we will discuss your current training level, relevant injury history and running goals. After this appointment, you will receive an individualised 12-week running and running strength program via Training Peaks, and check-ins with your running practitioner throughout the entire 12-week period. Your program will be prescribed based on your running/strength training history and your goals. To have the most tailored program as possible, we recommend undertaking our Clinical Run Assessment or VO2 max test prior to booking your Run Program appointment. 

Who should get a run program?

Because this is a highly individualised service, it suits runners of varying experience. Whether you’d like to run you’re first 10km, or you’re wanting to complete a marathon under 3:30 pace we can tailor a training plan to suit your needs.

What makes our run programming different?

Our Run Program service aims to bridge the gap between running performance, training loads and injury reduction. We appreciate the highly individualised nature of movement and apply training principles, load management strategies and movement modifications to make you a more robust runner. To create your run program, you will collaborate with our run practitioner Phoebe Henry who has gained over 9 years of formal study within exercise science, biomechanics, injury management, movement assessment and exercise prescription.

What’s the investment?

The initial appointment and 12-week program is $500. This is inclusive of weekly check-ins with your run practitioner, and modifications to the program if necessary.

How do I book?

Call our front desk team on (03) 9826 2122 and ask to book in for a Run Programming appointment.

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