VO2 Max and Lactate Acid Testing

South Yarra VO2 Max and Lactate Acid Testing

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Vo2 Max and Lactate Acid Testing are now available through SYSSM. In addition to your assessment and report our practitioners to help you understand your results to drive performance. 

VO2 Max Testing 

VO2 max (also called maximal aerobic power or maximal oxygen uptake) is a measurement of the maximal capacity of your body to take up, use, and transport oxygen during exercise. 

A VO2 max test is the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness.

Aerobic fitness is vital for endurance sports such as cycling, running, triathlon and swimming. The adequate intake and transport of oxygen during endurance sports support muscles to work efficiently because it prevents lactate accumulation (read more about lactate accumulation below).

This is done by running on a treadmill for a period of time at different speeds while measuring your heart rate and breathing levels. From this data, we can determine your VO2 max. This is important because it helps provide an indication of your- endurance, fatigue levels and energy systems use during exercise.

Lactate Testing

Alongside VO2 max testing, a lactate analysis can also be performed. Lactate is a by-product of exercise which is removed by oxygen and contributes to the fatiguing feeling in muscles.

Basically, when you are working aerobically, your body will be able to remove the lactate as it is being produced, allowing you to continue to exercise at that intensity. When we are working anaerobically, lactate will build up in the body and cause the fatiguing feeling in your muscles, limiting your capacity to continue.

Lactate testing gives you the accurate point at which lactate production meets your body’s ability to remove it.

What does the testing involve?

VO2 max testing can be performed on a treadmill, bike (ergometer or BYO), or rower. It is a gradual exercise test that increases in intensity until you reach maximal fatigue.

A lactate analysis can be performed on top of VO2 max testing, which involves taking a small sample of blood (pin-prick) at each intensity level.

What do I do with my results?

The results will be forwarded to you and your coaching team. Your coach may use the results to make your training more specific to your needs by altering your heart rate training zones, cycling speed or treadmill running speed.

Additionally, the team at SYSSM are able to analyse your results and make training recommendations to better your performance and reduce injury risk. 

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