Oren Tirosh

Dr Oren Tirosh is an esteemed biomechanist, with extensive clinical and research experience in integrated human biomechanics. Oren specialises in movement analysis, wearable sensor technology, 3-dimensional (3D) gait, clinical gait analysis, gait variability and performance, and injury prevention.

10 years of practical experience in clinical gait analysis working in the gait laboratory at the Royal Children’s Hospital and in the biomechanics laboratory at Motion.3D Pty Ltd engaging with athletes such as F1 driver Mark Webber, Australian high jumper and 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Eleanor Patterson, and Australian leading female marathon runner Sinead Diver. In addition, Oren has exceptional knowledge and experience in web based repository system development for gait analysis and orthopaedics.

Professional Expertise

  • Biomechanical analyses for athletes (running gait and efficiency)
  • Patients (orthopaedic and neural injury)
  • Industry (task analysis; ergonomics; risk assessment)