South Yarra Podiatrists

Our podiatrists are focused on keeping active Australians pain-free and injury-free.  We’ll keep you moving for life.

Podiatry specialises in the diagnosis and management of conditions relating to the feet and lower limbs.

Our podiatry practice is led by experienced Marathon Runner and Triathlete, John Charles, and has a strong focus on the management of sporting injuries and active feet. We use detailed assessment and a range of therapies to help keep you moving well and pain-free and deal with problems like heel pain, bunions, and ankle instability. We also treat common foot conditions like corns, calluses and ingrown toenails.

Our practise uses cutting edge technology like foot pressure measurement to help understand your feet and the latest computer design software to manufacture custom insoles that are the perfect fit for your feet.


  • A detailed manual foot assessment
  • Foot care including callus and corn removal
  • Video and foot pressure recording
  • Massage and foot mobilisation
  • Footwear and exercise recommendations

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One body, keep moving for life.