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  • 66fit Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bar


    Fitness is always in easy reach with the 66fit Aerobic Bar! The 66fit Aerobic Weighted Bar was designed in response to requests from our customers for a bar that was slightly heavier than those currently available on the fitness market. Thus we produced a weighted bar which is available in four incremental weights ranging from…

  • 66fit Balance/Rocker Board Set


    Two Best-Selling 66fit Rehabilitation Products in One! By choosing the dual purpose 66fit Wooden Rocker and Wobble Board set you get the best of both worlds. Using the three easy to fit attachments supplied simply choose between a 45cm Balance Board (14 or 18 degree tilt angles) or a 45cm Rocker Board to help retrain…

  • 66fit Dumbbells


    Sold Individually. These dumbells are made of steel but coated in a soft vinyl (PVC) easy-clean coating. Can be used during work-outs to increase strength training, or used alone as part of a weight training program.

  • 66fit Fitness Mats


    Both mats are 180cm long by 61cm wide Features: Provides a comfortable exercise environment Gives extra traction and protection on hard training surfaces Features a non-slip surface that absorbs sweat Lightweight fitness mat – making it easy transportable Easy to clean – water washable hygienic surface Easy to transport – simply roll up and go…

  • 66fit Weighted Hula Hoop


    Hula your way to a better body with the 66fit Weighted Hula Hoop. Our state of the art ‘wave’ design exercise hoop will boost core muscle strength, tone abs and trim your waistline while you have fun! Simply choose the weight that is right for you from the three options available and off you go….

  • 66fit Wooden Balance Board – PVC Surface


    Use the 66fit Wooden Balance Board for a speedy recovery and return to sport. Using the 66fit 40cm Wooden Wobble Board post injury will allow you to regain and retrain your sense of balance (proprioception) and coordination and help strengthen weakened muscles to accelerate your recovery so that you can return to the sport that…

  • 66fit Yoga Mat Plus With Bag


    Get in the zone for a safe and comfortable workout with the 66fit Yoga Mat Plus With the 66fit Yoga Mat Plus you can enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable workout either at the gym or in your own home. Our elite 6mm durable non-slip PVC construction provides supreme quality cushioning for unrivalled comfort whilst…

  • Adjustable AllCare Exercise Band Handles

    Adjustable AllCare Exercise Band Handles


    Handles for use with band and tube exercise bands. Simply feed the band or tube through the locating hole and the handle automatically locks around the band or tube. Features: Handles for use with exercise band and tubing Feed the band or tube through the locating hole and lock into position Allows for easy adjustment…

  • AllCare Band Loops


    Progressive Resistant Exercise Band

  • AllCare Decline Board


    The Decline Board allows targeted strengthening of the knee extensors not achievable in a standard squat & is a valuable tool in rehabilitation & strengthening of the knee extensor mechanism.

  • Allcare Kettlebells


    The Allcare Kettle Bells are a great weighted exercise tool to develop strength, power & endurance for an all body workout . They are coated in a soft vinyl (PVC) easy to clean coating & are ideal for use in the home, gym or clinic.

  • Allcare Pilates Rings


    Foam covered pilates ring with padded grips, flex resistance for strengthening and toning.

  • AllCare Power Loops

    Allcare Powerloops


    Strong Loop Band For Optimum Resistance Features: Strong loop band for optimum resistance and durability A versatile exercise tool to help strengthen * rehabilitate muscles ideal for use in functional training, resistance & weight training and stretching Comes in 5 colour coded resistances with increasing widths All loops 4.5mm thick and 100cm in length

  • AllCare Resistant Bands – 1.5 metre in length


    Progressive Resistant Exercise Band

  • AllCare Trampoline

    AllCare Trampoline


    Sturdy trampoline – ideal for rehabilitation. For low impact exercise only. Maximum Weight: 80kg Features: 5mm foam 25.4cm high Jumping area is 78cm in diameter Frame is 100cm in diameter Weight of Trampoline is 7kg Made of welded steel, commercial quality

  • Medicine Balls


    Please Note: Colours may vary. Unlike conventional medicine balls that are weighted by filling them with sand and other materials, a unique manufacturing process makes our medicine balls better than the rest. The balls are evenly weighted and with the ability to float as well as bounce, they are an ideal addition to any sporting…