AllCare Band Loops

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Available in 4 different loops sizes: 23.5cm, 27.25cm, 55cm & 100cm.

Sizes are Diameter of the Band.

– Helps strengthen and rehabilitate muscles
– Provides resistance to increase muscular strength
– Five colour coded strengths
– Band ranges from light to X-Extra Firm
– Made under the international quality standard ISO 9002

AllCare Band Loops Progressive Resistant Exercise Band AllCare Band Loops are used in the rehabilitation and strengthening of joints in the muscular system.

AllCare Band Loops can be used with ROM exercises to provide resistance and a resultant increase in strength. Use of AllCare Band Loops can be throughout the rehabilitation process as it comes in varying grades of resistance, ranging from easy to super heavy. The resistance is marked by colour of the band, light colours = light resistance, and dark colours = heavy resistance.

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